Broadtail female.

I only grow the honeysuckle for one reason. Last year I grew one and this year I grew two. The other day I put them next to each other between the espaliered apple tree and the Meyers Lemon tree on the edge of the patio.  Usually I only know the hummingbird is around due to its trilling. Yesterday however it just appeared suddenly, stopped briefly in midair and then began visiting every blossom.


  1. Wow, gorgeous picture! We are trying to get hummingbirds to come to our feeder but having difficulty. We wonder if it’s because we have a finch feeder out there and they are scaring the hummingbirds away. We moved it farther away to see if that helps. I love photographing the hummingbirds!


    1. It is really about speed. 1250 and up is best and then a burst. Even so the bird will often not even be in the shot. For a while that bird came everyday and I knew where it would pause so I used a tripod.

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      1. I need to get a tripod in every place I usually shoot..I have a bunch of them stowed away in a closet. I am a pretty-much spur-of-the-moment shooter.


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