Bronze Fennel

Many of the umbrels have already gone to seed and now this plant is reblooming. I grow it in the border for the color of the foliage and its drought tolerance. Like many of umbellifers it reseeds readily.  It is suppose to be a food source for the swallow tails but I haven’t noticed that at all.

Above the lowly plants it towers,
The fennel, with its yellow flowers,
And in an earlier age than ours
Was gifted with the wondrous powers,
   Lost vision to restore. 
It gave new strength, and fearless mood;
And gladiators, fierce and rude,
Mingled it in their daily food;
And he who battled and subdued,
   A wreath of fennel wore. 

(Longfellow “The Goblet of Life” ~1842,

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