I stumbled across an interview with Roger Penrose posed before a river speaking about his theories of the universe.  In the distance what appeared to be a naked man entered the river while he talked. The next morning, I sat on the hill in the yard taking pictures of the garden. I watched a bumblebee tirelessly moving about the larkspur. Did he have a purpose?  Or maybe the question is did he know he had a purpose? How was it he came to fulfil this need in the universe?

Last winter I got interested in Islamic patterns.  I spend a month or so drawing 5, and 6 fold patterns.  That interest led me to some of the tilings of Roger Penrose. “A Penrose tiling is a non-periodic tiling generated by an aperiodic set of prototiles  Fivefold tilings have this problem that they don’t really form patterns without adding some other shapes into the mixture. Perhaps it was just this interest in patterns that tied the whole thing together. A coincidence or maybe a strange definition of the singularity. Who knows? Penrose made a remark about real numbers as opposed to numbers like (i) the square root of -1. That reminded me of the F/stops in the camera which are based on the square root of 2. A formula which though simply approximate generates the area of the iris in the camera, the aperture.

These were the things running through my mind as I waited to catch the the focus of the camera. Penrose described a theory about universes repeated in the eons of time.  I thought that was a very Buddhist idea at the time. Sitting here though I couldn’t help but wonder if the larkspur, the bumblebee, and I had shared this moment before. Like f/stops circles have this way of being generated from imprecise number and yet seeming to be perfect shapes at the same time. 

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